About The Film


Sometimes dreams take a little longer to come true. 

Brian Kinchen can certainly relate to that fact of life. In 2003, the 38-year old retired NFL tight end turned long snapper was nearly three years removed from a venerable 13-year career that had fallen short of his ultimate dream—a Super Bowl ring. 

Even during his playing days, he fully understood that most players don’t win that elusive championship much less get a chance to play in the iconic sports event watched by millions worldwide. So when Kinchen settled into his new life as a middle school Bible teacher and aspiring football coach in Baton Rouge, La., that ship too had seemingly sailed. 

But with just two weeks left in the regular season, Patriots director of personnel Scott Pioli placed a life-changing phone call to Kinchen even as the former player was teaching a group of middle school students. Within a few short days, Kinchen was back in the game and on the fast track to Super Bowl XXXVIII. Through an unlikely series of events that included agonizing and even paralyzing bouts with anxiety, fear and doubt, the veteran athlete found himself in the situation he both dreamed about and dreaded. With time running out, Kinchen trotted onto the field at Reliant Stadium to snap what would be the game winning field goal. 

The snap was pure. The hold was pristine. The kick was perfect. Kinchen became an invisible hero—just as he’d always imagined. Yet long after the celebration, Kinchen rested in the bigger lesson: True purpose isn’t found in one moment, one game, or one victory. True purpose is found in the way life is lived away from the spotlight, and the legacy that is ultimately left behind.

Before the Kick will detail the incredible events that led up to the game-winning snap. This narrative documentary will utilize exclusive interviews with Kinchen, his family and the people who experienced this incredible tale firsthand including Bill BelichickScott PioliBrad SeelyKen WalterLarry IzzoMike VrabelMark BavaroNick SabanMike ReissJackie MacMullenMichael HolleyTrey Junkin, and many more. Before the Kick will also serve as the precursor to the screenplay for a theatrically released narrative feature film.

Most importantly, Before the Kick will explore powerful, enduring principles such as peace, identity, and purpose—essential truths to which we all can relate as we pursue our own dreams.